Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mick Channon's 2yos for 2011 season

Ready for Royal Ascot

Mick Channon needs little introduction when it comes to training two-year-olds and with another large string he will be flying the flag throughout the season. With established owner Jaber Abdullah bringing strength and depth, the winners will be a plenty. 

Two Year Olds                 Sex                 Sire                      Mare                Owner

Amadeus Wolf Colt       Colt Bay        Amadeus Wolf      Silca Key            Aldridge Racing Partnership

Arch Colt                         Colt Brown    Arch                      Illuninise               Box 41 

Aussie Rules (2) Colt     Colt Bay         Aussie Rules          Scylla Cadeaux    John Guest Racing 

Aussie Rules Gelding     Gelding Grey   Aussie Rules          Bahara                Lord Ilsley Racing (Ashes) 

Bahamian Bounty Colt   Colt Chesnut   Bahamian Bounty   Social Storm 

Bahamian Bounty Filly    Filly Chesnut   Bahamian Bounty  Mamma Morton K Al Mudhaf/M Al Quatami 

Caitlin Filly                       Bay                Dylan Thomas        Kasseopeia       George & Jackie Smith 

Clodovil Filly                  Filly Grey        Clodovil                 Funny Girl         K Al Mudhaf & A Black 

Compton Place Colt      Colt Bay         Compton Place       Icing                 Insignia Racing (Ensign) 

Cross The Green           Colt Bay         Cape Cross            Sparkle of Stones  Jaber Abdullah 

Elnadim Filly                  Filly Bay         Elnadim                  Noctilucent            Jaber Abdullah 

Exceed and Excel Filly   Filly Bay         Exceed and Excel   Craigmill            Insignia Racing (Ensign) 

Factory Time Filly          Bay                Baltic                     Time Mark One     Jaber Abdullah 

Fillionaire Filly               Bay                Kyllachy Autumn     Pearl                    Mrs Ann Black 

Flashy Star Filly            Chesnut          Mr Greeley             Galileo's Star         Jaber Abdullah 

Footstepsinthesand     Colt Bay  Footstepsinthesand  Mandama 

Footstepsinthesand    Colt Bay  Footstepsinthesand Capriole                 John Webster

Gold Show Filly           Chesnut          Sir Percy                Pearl Bright            Jaber Abdullah 

Good of Luck               Colt Bay        Authorized              Oops Pettie           Jaber Abdullah 

Grand Gold                  Colt Bay         Librettist                    Night Symphonie   Jaber Abdullah 

Happy Sport                Colt Bay         Avonbridge                Blue Nile               Jaber Abdullah 

Holy Roman Emperor   Filly Bay        Holy Roman Emperor  Mandavilla           John Guest Racing

Iffraaj Filly                    Filly Bay        Iffraaj                Incence                    K Al Mudhaf & M Al Quatami 

Imperial Dancer (1)      Colt Bay        Imperial Dancer Search Party             Dave & Gill Hedley 

Imperial Dancer (1)      Filly Bay        Imperial Dancer  Canadian Capers 

Imperial Dancer (2)      Filly Bay        Imperial Dancer   Noble Destiny 

Imperial Dancer (2)     Gelding Grey  Imperial Dancer    Sky Light Dreams         Peter Taplin 

Imperial Dancer (3)     Gelding Bay    Imperial Dancer    Stride Home                Norman Court Stud 

Imperial Dancer (4)     Filly Bay         Imperial Dancer    The Screamer 

Imperial Dancer (5)     Colt Bay        Imperial Dancer     Aunt Ruby                   Heart Of The South

Imperial Dancer (5)     Filly Bay         Imperial Dancer    Wansdyke Lass           Steve & Ann Fisher

Imperial Dancer (6)     Filly Chesnut   Imperial Dancer    Queen of Narnia          Norman Court Stud 

Imperial Dancer (7)     Filly Bay          Imperial Dancer     Blakeshall Rose          Mr D. Bastian 

Imperial Dancer          Gelding Brown Imperial Dancer     Ambrix 

Intikhab Colt              Colt Bay           Intikhab                Green Green Grass 

Kyllachy (2)               Filly Bay           Kyllachy                Sunley Gift 

Lady Victory              Filly Bay           Kheleyf                 Victoria Lodge           Jaber Abdullah 

Light Zabeel Filly       Bay                   Invasor                 Ashraakat                  Jaber Abdullah 

Majestic Rose           Filly Brown        Imperial Dancer    Solmorin                    Jaber Abdullah 

Majestic South          Filly Chesnut      Bertolini                Tidal Chorus             Jaber Abdullah 

Majestic Zafeen        Filly Bay            Zafeen                  Arasong                    Jaber Abdullah 

Montjeu (Colt)         Colt Bay            Montjeu               Vistaria                      John Webster

Mujadil Colt             Colt Brown        Mujadil                 Common Cause         Insignia Racing (Roundel) 

Musically                 Filly Bay            Singspiel                Pelagia                      James Repard 

Naseem Alyasmeen  Filly Grey         Clodovil                 Phillippa                    Jaber Abdullah 

Nayarra                     Filly Bay           Cape Cross            Massarra                  Prince Faisal 

New Youmzain        Colt Bay           Sinndar                  Luna Sacra               Jaber Abdullah 

Noor Zabeel            Colt Bay          Elusive Quality        Brave the Storm        Jaber Abdullah 

Oasis Dream            Filly Bay          Oasis Dream          Paradise Isle             Mrs Theresa Burns

Oratorio                   Filly Grey        Oratorio                 Princess Serena

Petaluma                  Filly Bay          Teofilo                   Poppo's Song          Jon & Julia Aisbitt 

Piccolo (1)               Filly Bay          Piccolo                  Evanesce                  Dave & Gill Hedley 

Piccolo (2)               Filly Bay          Piccolo                  Here to Me 

Piccolo                    Colt Chesnut    Piccolo                 Elegant Hawk           Lord Ilsley Racing (Medcroft) 

Pitt Rivers               Colt Bay          Vital Equine           Silca Boo                  Jon & Julia Aisbitt

Rakti                        Colt Bay           Rakti                     Queen of Fibres        M R Channon 

Redback                  Filly Bay          Redback                Flawless                   Mr D. Bastian

Rock of Gibraltar    Colt Bay          Rock of Gibraltar    Hallowed Park         Box 41 

Rock of Gibraltar    Filly Bay          Rock of Gibraltar     Aileen's Gift             John Webster 

Royal Majestic        Filly Bay          Tobougg                 Golden Symbol        Jaber Abdullah 

Savanna Days         Filly Chesnut    Danehill Dancer       Dominante              Jon & Julia Aisbitt 

Show Flower          Filly Bay          Shamardal               Baldemosa              Jaber Abdullah 
Sicarina Star           Filly Bay          Sir Percy                Sicarina                   Jaber Abdullah

Singspiel                Filly Chesnut     Singspiel                 Londonnetdotcom   Derek & Jean Clee

Sir Percy (3)          Filly Chesnut     Sir Percy                Soubrette

Sir Percy               Colt Bay           Sir Percy                Carenage                Mr David McGreevy 

Soviet Star            Filly Bay           Soviet Star              Smile Awhile          Box 41

Speightstown        Colt Bay           Speightstown          Casting Call            Jon & Julia Aisbitt

Split Second         Filly Bay           Moss Vale              Twenty Questions   Jaber Abdullah 

Strategic Prince    Colt Bay           Strategic Prince       Alkaffeyeh              John Webster 

Thraya Star          Filly Bay           Shamardal               Labour of Love      Jaber Abdullah 

Three Valleys       Colt Bay          Three Valleys           Fanny's Fancy 

Tidal Way            Colt Grey         Red Clubs               Taatof                    Jaber Abdullah 

Titus Livius           Colt Brown      Titus Livius              Extravagance          Insignia Racing (Roundel) 

Tobougg               Colt Bay          Tobougg                 Aries

Trans Island          Colt Brown      Trans Island           Wings Awarded      Mr D. Bastian

Viera Da Silva      Filly Chesnut     Van Nistelrooy       Terri's Charmer       M R Channon 

Waseem Faris      Colt Bay           Exceed and Excel   Kissing Time           Jaber Abdullah