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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Gambler's Book Club

See, I said our friends over the pond do things better than us! Just received an email hotfoot from Las Vegas thanking HCE for plugging the Gambler's Book Club. The pleasure is all ours because we love to be part of the global betting community. This is what Robert Cassagrande, Director of Operations, had to say:

Hello Jason,

On behalf of the Gambler's Book Club ,Avery Cardoza an myself, I would like to say Thank You very much for that excellent article about our store. I means a lot us when we get compliments like the one you just gave us. Personally it gives me great satisfaction to read your article, it validates all the hard work myself and Mr. Cardoza have put into the store over the past year. We are continuing to improve on a daily basis, within the next month we are expanding the store and adding a studio and classroom to our arsenal.This will give the author a venue to be able to teach customers/ students the systems from their book/ books, while the customer will have a chance to meet and learn from their favorite writer. As for the studio the possibilities are going to endless, I will just give you a hint if you see a channel in the near future dedicated to gambling that will be us.

Next time your in town please come and introduce yourself I would be like to meet you. I'm also forwarding your email over to Avery. Once again Thank you.


Robert Casagrande

Director of Operations

Cardoza Publishing

Gambler's Book Club

5473 S Eastern Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89119