Friday, 21 January 2011

John Virgo visits yard

Yes, that is John Virgo!
 An old post from Pat Leech's blog which indicates why adults (and children) prefer horse racing to snooker.

We were very lucky to meet John Virgo at the yard a few weeks ago. John is good friends with Cliff and his long-time mate Steve, and has visited him at the yard many times over the years. He has a fantastic knowledge of racing and was really interested in the horses, as well as being interesting to meet. We are having a chat as I hold Tabi, our Kayf Tara gelding who is a great lad and will hopefully race on the A/W in the winter. The perfect question came from a little lad also visiting Cliff, who asked if John played snooker ever and if he had won anything!

Posted by Pat Leech Racing at 12:09