Thursday, 12 March 2009


In raising the profile of H.C.E all you need to think is what we are giving away - 100% free!

H.C.E doesn't want to settle for being one of the field, we want to show you what we have to offer: a good, honest information service that's dedicated to pinpointing the best two-year-olds in training.

A few information services offer a free tips trial period while others expect you to pay for the simple promise of a winner or two. H.C.E appreciates that a successful business is built on trust & and that takes time. We want you to learn how we work and build a confidence that brings success. For this reason we are willing to detail to you each and every selection - for the whole season. Simply watch the highs and lows of the racing year and take your time to consider our worth.

H.C.E prides itself on being different. We don't give you umpteen bets to follow each day and have a very selective approach. Make no mistake if you were paying for this service it would be expensive. H.C.E have big plans building a truly premium service. We are specialists in the field of two-year-old racing and that is why we have an advantage - a niche market.


(Please note our tips service is only available by email and use of the blog from 1st May 2011. Due to the increased numbers of subscribers it is no longer financially viable to send text with our free service. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. HCE)