Saturday Tipping Competition

It's the start of a new month so it can mean only one thing - the Saturday Tipping Competition. Last month saw some superb selections, with many tipster fighting to the line, then Bobby Talk rolled up his sleeves, spat out his cigar, and with confidence brimming high, landed the prize money with a 20/1 shot (42pts). For all those Pro Tipsters make sure you get that entry fee in and let the action commence. For the sake of a tenner why not give it a go. Please make sure tips are forwarded in a timely fashion. We have a 12 O'Clock DEADLINE. Thanks to all those who take part.       

Pro Comp Entry

Tipster selections:

12:00 Aintree              - Presenting Returns 1pt ew (Winter) (Fell)
12:20 Sandown            - Vaniteaux 2pt w (Davies) 1st (9pts)
12:50 Sandown            - Scholastica 2pt w (Jodonovan) 3rd
1:00   Aintree               - Lamb Or Cod 1pt ew (Rawnsley) 5th
1:00   Aintree               - Sound Investment 1pt ew (Stephenson) 6th
1:00   Aintree               - Lieutenant Miller 2pt w (Clint) 4th
1:40   Wetherby           - Stagecoach Pearl 2pt w (Walsh) Unp
1:50   Sandown             - Tarquin Du Seuill 2pt w (Waterhouse) 3rd
2:00  Chepstow            - Triptico 2pt w (Bird) 5th
2:05   Aintree               - Baby Run 1pt ew (Uncle Keith/Paul) 2nd (4pts)
2:05   Aintree               - Pinaeu De Re 1pt ew (Racing Mama) Fell
2:05   Aintree               - Sizing Australia 2pt w (Mark) UR
2:05   Aintree               - Bill Swing 2pt w (Pam) 5th
2:05   Aintree               - Baby Run 2pt w (Betmanmike) 2nd
2:05   Aintree               - Walkon 2pt w (Emanuel) Unp
2:05   Aintree               - Benny's Mist 2pt w (Davidson) Unp
2:15   Wetherby           - Lexis Boy 2pt w (Furlong) Unp
2:40   Aintree               - The Giant Bolster 2pt w (Tecbet) UR  
2:40   Aintree               - Wayward Prince 2pt w (Danny) PU
3:00  Sandown             - Mad Moose 1pt ew (Epds Racing) PU
3:35   Sandown             - Alfie Spinner 2pt w (Captain Heathcliffe) Unp
3:35   Sandown             - Soll 1pt ew (Shukman) Unp
3:35   Sandown             - Alfie Spinner 2pt w (Braddick) Unp
7:50   Wolverhampton - Outlawed 2pt w (Longbow) 2nd
7:50   Wolverhampton - Gods Speed 2pt w (HCE) Unp
7:50   Wolverhampton - Choice Of Destiny 2pt w (Bobby Talk) 4th
7:50   Wolverhampton - Gods Speed 2pt w (Inittowinit) Unp
8:50   Wolverhampton - Porteus 2pt w (Eric) 2nd
8:50  Wolverhampton - Wee Jean 2pt w (Me Old Mum) 3rd
8:50  Wolverhampton - Scruffy Tramp 2pt w (Fred Pippage) Unp
8:50  Wolverhampton - Zalzilah 2pt w (Gareth) Unp

Good luck


Mark said...

Hi Jason

Here's my selection:

Aintree - 14:05 - Sizing Australia - 2pts win.

Good luck

Jason Coote said...

All the best, Mark.