Sunday, 1 January 2012


I'm glad you're reading this. I need your help. As the two-year-old season has come and gone, the long wait for the new Flat Turf season has begun, but for the moment I need something to fill my ten-gallon hat & cowboy boots. Well, what are we going to do? I have decided to leave that question with you. In fact, you can be part of the Yankeeyou experience. Wait a cattle-rustling minute. This could be revolutionary. It's certainly got my betting account in a spin. This is truly a social betting experience because this Yankee has gone global. I want you to make the selections for my Yankee. The first four readers to leave a comment stating their selection for tomorrow's (Monday) racing will be part of our bet. Have you got a winner up your sleeve? Do you want to be part of the populous? You, Yankeeyou, you.

Four selections needed by Monday 11:30am (HELP!!!)

''Getting excited 2/2 - great stuff from the global Yankeeyou tipsters''

''Wow 3/4 and the other ran well after hitting a fence which ruined our chances'' 

''Going to work out the winnings :-)''

Well done, you, Yankeeyou, you

Wow...the Yankyoo has been very popular and the populous have spoken. I will make another post this evening so if you want to have your tip as a bet selection then it's first come first served. Thanks for all those who have taken part. Hope you have picked winners :-). I will have a review of the bet after the results and hope I can post a winning day.  


Anonymous said...

i dont have a selection but i like the concept.

Anonymous said...

plumpton 3.20 goring two
from betmanmike

Anonymous said...

2:55 Southwell Upper Lambourn

Anonymous said...

I don't generally see the point in betting multiples. The only reason I can see is to try and take advantage of a bookmaker bonus or concession.
Tomorrow seems to present a good chance to try and get the % bonus sometimes added all 4 winners on Lucky 15s or Yankees. By taking the very short odds on offer.
12:40 Balder Succes
1:10 Final Approach
1:15 Kumbeshwar
2:05 Picture This

HCE said...

Anonymous...I really need one selection from you. If not, I will take your first choice. Yes, multi bets are probably not the best idea in ways but this is the global yankee which makes it the yankeeyou. :-)

Anonymous said...

2:55 Southwell Katy's Secret

Anonymous said...

...fair enough Picture This in the 2:05 has the least chance of spoiling the other parts of the bet.

Good luck

Anonymous (@worrichy)

Mark said...

Hi Jason

What a great concept mate, I will follow with interest and when time allows try to put up a selection or two.


MadGambler said...

Guess again , 12:55 ayr , ew cert ;-)

MadGambler said...

2nd @ 7.84, looks like its needs further....rn in snatches , was running on strong at the end, looked like another 4f wouldnt go amiss...still for an EW yankyou , its a fair priced placed horse ;-)

HCE said...

Hi Clint,

Yes, it ran well. I would have been happy to have that in an ew Yankeeyou.I would have put your selection in today's bet but the places where filled quite quickly. I will be putting another Yankeeyou up on the blog this evening, so looking forward to having you on board. (I'm saving your selections for the accumulator bets (which combine my and your ideas) once the Flat season begins. This is a global Hope you are having a good day.


HCE said...

I had to change the last selection as somehow had two selections the Blind spot. Just got the bet on in time. Fingers crossed.