Wednesday, 18 January 2012

YANKEEYOU - X2 (Wednesday)

I'm glad you're reading this. I need your help. As the two-year-old season has come and gone, the long wait for the new Flat Turf season has begun, but for the moment I need something to fill my ten-gallon hat & cowboy boots. Well, what are we going to do? I have decided to leave that question with you. In fact, you can be part of the Yankeeyou experience. Wait a cattle-rustling minute. This could be revolutionary. It's certainly got my betting account in a spin. This is truly a social betting experience because this Yankee has gone global. I want you to make the selections for my Yankee. Have you got a winner up your sleeve? Do you want to be part of the populous? You, Yankeeyou, you.

First Yankeeyou selections from Mr Random, Mad Gambler & Betmanmike. Many thanks to all.

Easy win for Gaul Wood at big odds on
Sound Stage (Fell) at last when fair chance of place
Workbench was there but ran out of steam
Dressed In Lace must have been wearing lead boots

As Captain Heathcliffe (Saturday Tipping Comp Winner) has been good enough to send a few selections we have a second Yankeeyou. The first runner is from Patient Speculation, a great blog. 

A good ride from Turner to win on Lastkingofscotland
Araucaria ran a fair race in second
Mad Professor wasn't up this at huge odds 
Chjimes had to run wide on final bend, running on well, to just miss out on a place


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MadGambler said...


HCE said...


HCE said...

It was put forward...

It is the last odds on allowed in the Yankeeyou. So that's it. I think people put them forward to startle you :-)

HCE said...

I can't help but smile just thinking about

HCE said...

A second Yankeeyou. Getting expensive.I hope we have a few winners. Thanks to all those who gave selections. (I stole one, so hope that's okay, Mark).

HCE said...

Yes!!! Gaul Wood. Big odds, in my

HCE said...

Great selection from Patient Speculation with Lastkingofscotland (good to see Jerry Banks had that, too). Getting excited now :-).

Mark said...

Thanks for including my selection Jason.

Fingers crossed for the others now mate.


HCE said...

Thank you. I have plugged it on Twitter, so if we have a few more winners it could make a bit of a wave.