Thursday, 5 January 2012

Yankeeyou (Thursday)

Thanks to those who gave their selections via Twitter

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MadGambler said...

this shud have been an ew yankeeyou ;-@ , tbh im not a lover of these nultis as quite often you find the singles and doubles become pointless , imo i think the idea is great but maybe utilise the available stake and have just ew / win trebles and an ew 4 fold ;-) , just an idea ;-) , that aside , what are you upto today mate?

HCE said...

Hi Clint,

I'm not too bothered about the politics of the Yankeeyou/multi bet as it is just a bit of fun. Our Accumulator bets will be works in a professional manner. Just watching the races at min.


worrichy said...

I think this bet is hard to win with in most circumstances. The bookmakers can be wrong about a price but not normally miles out and certainly by SP the price is a reasonable approximation of chance. So if one considers all the odds being 4/1 it is roughly a 6% chance of getting any double a 2% chance of a treble and 0.4% chance of getting the quadruple. Odds on prices are on average quite close to their chance of winning many punters don't see the point in doing them ew becuase if they place that bet brings a loss, however overall the ew terms generally improves the % return when all are considered (few odds on shots fail to place). I reckon including odds on shots ew is probably the best chance of returning a profit over time.