Monday, 9 January 2012

War Horse

Steven Spielberg's movie is based on Michael Morpugo's 1982 best-seller, which was previously adapted for the stage.

An elegant, elemental, borderline corny boy-and-his horse story magnified in significance by its battleground backdrop, War Horse possesses a simplicity that is both its greatest strength and an ultimate liability. As the material has already made forceful impact on the public in print and onstage, there is little reason to doubt that the same won't hold true for this film version, which Steven Spielberg has skillfully wrought as an atmospheric, tear-jerking, highly cinematic melodrama. 
But putting this episodic saga on the big screen accentuates its one-dimensionality more than does the still-running legitimate theater version, where its symbolic and allegorical elements can be more easily accommodated in abstract terms. All the same, this is a story that people of all ages and from all nations can understand, which, propelled by Spielberg's name and much undoubted acclaim, will translate into major rewards at the box office

Review by: The Hollywood Reporter

Release Date: 13/1/12

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MadGambler said...

Morning mate, yeah im looking to seeing this looks great , what you upto today?...

HCE said...

Hi Clint,

Not doing much at all today. My back still isn't right so just resting and pottering about on the blog. Should be ok in a day or two but hate feeling restricted. I haven't bothered with the Yankeeyou. I'm not sure if I will continue with it to be honest. It may blur the edge between the Accumulator bets which I intend to do when the Flat season begins. Not that there will be too many bet s to consider. I have been trying to find ways to promote HCE Gold. It is going well but need to crank things up towards the start of the Flat season. In truth, it doesn't make a difference whether lots of people join or not as I am confident I will make a lot of money just following the selections myself. In essence, this is simply a promotional exercise for 2013. Have a good day.