Thursday, 29 December 2011



MadGambler said...

I think for me this next year I will be concentrating and backing/laying in maidens only, this has always been a niche area for me, not just the 2 yr old but all maidens although majority wise most are in that age range and the classics as I have a very high strike rate with the classics, on the nh scene I will focus mainly on all juve hurdles 2m6f and less and the maidens although like many I will have a punt thru Cheltenham , I am going to refocus my staking structure with this in mind, so with you also being a 2 yr old specialist look forward to some collaborating in the new year, hope your well mate and had a good Xmas , look forward to seeing you in new year , a fresh start and a new beginning tc x

HCE said...

Hi Clint, good to hear your thoughts about the New Year with regard to racing. I will be following the form and focus on the HCE Gold Tips. Our bets are always selective but I will be making the most of mulitple bet which appear on the same day with regard to accumulators etc. I am very confident about HCE Gold Tips and I would advise all to access these selections. In truth, I have little to gain from giving this information away and it is simply used as a promotion for bigger fish to fry in future years. However, saying that, each and every member of HCE Gold will be given every assistants to make this new season profitable. I would be very surprised if we didn't go beyond your expectations. One way or another, it will be an adventure and I, personally, intend to make a lot of money. Time will tell. Good luck to all our loyal readers, fellow bloggers and friends. I would like to thank those who advertise on HCE.