Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Have 100's of Trainers Hiding Inside My Mouse

Click to see what's in your mouse

With the click of your mouse you can see what is going on with 100s (and I mean several hundred) trainer websites, blogs & twitter links. Simple click on The Horse Trainer Website Directory and see what the all the fuss is about.

The only reason I made this facility is for HCE readers to take advantage of this great source of information. It took hours & hours to develop. It just sits there like a pink elephant because no one seems to appreciate that it exists.

Make my day and take a look. It's a one-stop website to more trainers than you can shake a stick at.


Anonymous said...

the directory is a great feature . i suggest you take a regular look at tainers that interest you.p.cole gave very confident write ups last year for a number of high class juveniles that won well f t o. this resource is truely a value aid to picking winners and gaining insights that you could not make on your own.

A.H said...

It looks good, thanks for taking the time to create it,

kind regards


Neil said...

I had looked at this before but not commented. It's all good stuff - keep it up.

I have 1 request - can you group the trainers by location within each code. So when you click Flat, you see all the trainers, but the Newmarket ones grouped together, then Lambourne, etc.



HCE said...

What! Lol

Neil, I would rather go and have my teeth pulled out at the dentists...lol. I would love to be able to do such a thing but it would take too much time and that isn't possible while the Flat season is going. Pleased you found it handy though. I haven't seen a website with more trainers under one house so hope that is good.


Neil said...

Awww :(

OK how about if I order them for you and then you can publish it?

The reason being that if people are interested in ownership they would tend towards a local trainer.

Others may also find it useful to see what a trainers local track is.


HCE said...

Hi Neil,

That is very kind of you - you are too good. I will try to do a little at a time and gradually get there :-). I will try to do some colour code thing, perhaps save a little time.