Friday, 4 March 2011

Five-Shot Bullet Points: Brian Meehan

Brian Meehan
In a world of too much information being succinct is a dying art. When you need to know the basic facts about a trainer take a look at the five-shot bullet points and learning those defining features which tell you how a trainer works his two-year-olds.
  • Poor win rate on debut although juveniles priced 13/2 & less usually go on to win
  • Juveniles running at Stake class on debut are worth following on future runs
  • Two-year-olds are most likely to win on their second start
  • Jockeys with poor strike rate may indicate a negative even if juvenile is fancied in the betting
  • Group-entered juveniles are worth noting  

1 comment:

Mark said...

Hi Jason

being succinct is a dying art and it is something that I have to constantly watch when I am writing my blog posts!!!

To me the problem is that if people see something that is consise and to the point, they seem to give it less value than a lengthy tome!

I truly believe that the best information is normally the most concise because it proves the author has distilled the information to just its most valuable parts.

As Albert EinStein is often quoted as saying:

"Make everything as simple as possible,but not simpler"

Thanks for those great pointers.