Saturday, 5 March 2011

Do Professional Gamblers Need Vacations?

Gambling for a living is very time consuming. In fact, it can often seem as though your are stuck on a conveyor belt and you either keep up or fall behind - losing those threads of form and the next thing you are in trouble. Jim Makos shares his views with this insightful article:

Professional gambling is a stressful occupation that needs some time off. Vacations though is an unknown word for most of the professional gamblers. They rarely do go on holidays and when they do, they usually combine their traveling with some sort of gambling, such as a casino resort. Not being a gambling addict I decided to stop gambling for a week and visited Skyros island in Greece, entirely neglecting my gambling duties!

It was not the first time I took a vacation as a professional gambler. I visited Porto Carras Grand Resort last year and I must admit I enjoyed it very much. This time my girlfriend suggested we visited her parents in their cottage at Skyros island during the Orthodox Easter. It was a good chance for me to rest a little and enjoy some time outdoors. So here I am one week on the Greek island returning tomorrow and I must admit it was fun.

Although I took my laptop on the trip, I only used it to send and receive emails regarding my blog's business, to blog in Betfair Greek Blog and to update the financial markets' data. I didn't login to my online poker accounts, I didn't execute any trade and I placed no bets. It was really a total clean up of my gambling system. However we did play cards almost on a daily basis and we often talked about gambling matters but nothing that serious as professional gambling. I am indeed looking forward to getting back to my daily schedule tomorrow, but I'll surely miss the quietness and calmness of this island.

Professional gamblers need to gamble 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By knowing that you can place a plus EV bet all the time, it is difficult to take time off. Your mind is always on the things you gamble on and you find no meaning in doing anything else until you finally do it. When I first arrived on the island, I began counting the hours until I return home. 2 days later I began evaluating the situation and enjoying the relaxed style of life. Nowadays, one week later, I am sure I will miss the whole feeling. Oh, and did I mention the Labrador? I am a huge fan of dogs!

Of course being a professional gambler and doing this for a living, I shouldn't overdo it with vacations. I planned on combing some vacations with a European Poker Tour or some other poker tour but I haven't managed that yet. Maybe in the future.


Mark said...

Hi Jason

I think that if any gambler does not want to take a holiday and all he can think about is gambling, then I believe that person has got a problem.

I am of the opinion that if you approach gambling as a career, it should be with the same view point as you would for any other profession. by that I mean; give it your all while on work time, forget it while at rest.

Thanks for another good article though.


HCE said...

Hi Mark,

It is interesting to consider people's views. I must admit that I do have a few little breaks through the two-year-old season although from May - Oct it wouldn't be possible for me to have a couple of weeks away. I would simply never be able to catch up with the huge amount of work I put it. That is why I don't bet outside the turf season as it gives me time to do my own thing. I guess everyone has their own approach but with my style analysis I certainly wouldn't be able to take a long time off. I do agree that anyone who feels they have to gamble endlessly probably has a problem although I imagine to some people it could become an issue like a workaholic. Not sure if they would be viewed as an addict in a business setting. It is good to have other interests as it can be rather draining if not.