Monday, 14 March 2011

Cheltenham Tips - Leave a Comment About Your 'Good Thing'

Gold Cup

Cheltenham. Feel the excitement? The best horses in the world. The scrum of the crowd. The commentator shouts: 'They're Off!'

Wayward Lad has kindly written an article for this great occasion and given a couple of tips, which I will bet. But what about the rest of the blogging community? I am sure you have an opinion. Why not leave a comment saying what's your banker and reason why you think it is a 'good thing'.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, Great idea and great post below from Wayward Lad. Have already backed Wolf Moon earlier following that post.
As for my good thing of the week! It was going to be to Binocular as he hit all the trends and the principle rivals all fell down with certain ones. H Fly - record at Chelt. Menorah - no run this year etc. However that's gone by the wayside.
The Lonesome Pundit good thing of the week therefore is one I'm not all that confident about :)
Sizing Europe e/w in the QMCC. Arkle winners have a great recent record and back at 2m I'm hoping he'll bounce out and stay out in front.

Best of luck to all this week, Lonesome Pundit.

Mark said...

Hi Jason

I don't know how I managed it but I wrote this comment against the wrong article!LOL

So I have reposted it here (where it should be!!)

A technique that I use for these sorts of occasions is to amass all of the free bet offers that the bookmakers give away as an incentive before them and then just pick the top race, which for me will be the gold cup this week.

I will then choose one horse that I will put the free bets on win and each way.

I then treat it as a break from my normal betting activities and allow myself to get caught up in the excitement of the build up throughout the week and during the race.

If I lose, well I have lost the bookmakers free bet money. If I win I get a nice return and have also Had a great time.

Before anyone says that it is not a very professional approach and that there are more efficient methods of cashing in on the free bets, I would say;yes they are correct but it is the price I am prepared to pay to enjoy the occasion.

Oh yes, the horse that my free bet money is going on this year is:Denman, purely and simply because he is my favourite horse of all time and he never knows when he is beat.

I will of course keep my professional head with regards to my each way tips and if there are any value opportunities I will make the most of them.

Good luck at the festival


Neil said...

I have heard about many "good things" for the meeting. Is anyone like me in that they are getting punch drunk with tipsters coming back from the past to haunt you? You didn't keep good records of them at the time so only have anecdotal memories of one or two good winners, or maybe an each-way double that worked out, but you don't seem to remember the losing runs, so you just put on a couple of quid, just because it's Cheltenham, or so that you don't have a race without an interest. Before you know it, you have 3 or 4 horses in every race. It's very difficult to keep disciplined.

I have limited myself to 2 or 3 trusted tipsters and the only overlap appears to be Poquelin on Thursday, so if I were to bet on 1 horse this week, that would be it.

HCE said...

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Cheltenham festival can in some ways can feel like sensory overload. Just too much information coming at such an incredible pace that is can feel tiring. I haven't got the slightest idea of any tips at the meeting because I don't follow the jumps to have an opinion worth listening too. I will have a few quid on Wayward Lads selection but I don't get too involved. I think at times it is better to just sit back - forget betting - and enjoy the races for what they are. Looking forward to the Gold Cup and always had an interest in the Triumph Hurdle but not the slightest idea who will win.

Thanks for everyone's comments. Much appreciated.

Neil said...

More interest from various sources for Poquelin. Looking at a nice payout if that comes good.

Why the particular interest in the Triumph? As a flat specialist I would have thought the bumper would be more up your street.

Neil said...

No luck with Poquelin. Oh well.

Hey Jason how about a tipping competition for the flat season?

HCE said...

Hi Neil,

Yes, that sounds a good idea. The American blogs seem to go to town on tipping competitions so it is something that could be fun, hey. What sort of format do you have in mind. I will write a post on the subject and get some feedback and take it from there. Thanks for your input as it is much appreciated.