Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Frost gets cold reception

Folkestone racecourse
Haddon Frost received a 12-day ban after mistakenly pushing out his mount, Romney Marsh, to 'win' the 2:30 Folkestone - only to realise he had another circuit go. The mare, trained by Roger Curtis, a major fancy in the five-runner race, was passed by the field as she was eased after the finishing post, never figuring thereafter although Frost tried to roust his tiring partner.

The Ladbrokespoker.com Handicap Chase (for the Number Engaged Challenge Bowl) (CLASS 5) (5yo+ 0-90) over 3m 1f was won by in good style by Delgany Gunner. A tearful Frost admitted his mistake. while Curtis was said to have shrugged his shoulders philosophically when asked by At The Races presenter, Luke Harvey.


Scott Ferguson said...

I bet punters who backed the horse weren't quite as forgiving! 12 day ban is very lame in the circumstances. Sure it was a mistake, but without harsh penalties, these things will happen again. There is no deterrent in a pissweak 12-day ban.

Thousands of pounds were pissed up against the wall because of this jockey's blunder - where's their right of reply? "It's part of racing" is not good enough when the industry is fighting for its share of the recreational gambling/entertainment pound.

HCE said...

Hi Scott,

Yes, I must admit I thought the penalty would be much harsher. I am sure jockey's have been given much longer bans for the same offense. How someone manages to forget they have another mile to run is quite amazing. As usual, no joy for those who bet in good faith.

Scott Ferguson said...

I can understand his mistake - day in, day out doing the same stuff and he probably was clear about how many laps there were at the start... but then your mind wanders and something else enters your thinking. It happens in any profession - but any profession doesn't have thousands of pounds of punters' money riding on it, nor does it rely on those funds to keep the industry afloat.

Harness racing, where they often run two or three lap races, always has a bell which sounds as the cross the line for the penultimate time, just like they do in athletics.

Just like when jockeys take the wrong course, this is an event which is avoidable - by jockeys paying a bit more attention and racecourses being a bit more pro-active about it - ring a bell, put out some traffic cones where the course switches etc.

Punters get pissed off enough without having their noses rubbed in it with completely avoidable situations which cost very little to solve. Racing can't continue to keep losing its customers so willingly.

HCE said...

Yes, it would be a good idea if they did have something to indicate the last lap etc.It is disappointing when such events occur because, like you say, every effort should be made to make sure these things don't happen.What makes matter worse is that no one learns from such happenings and in that sense the authorities are partly responsible.