Sunday, 5 April 2009

A betting selection (BET)

The two-year-old season is progressing at its normal snail's pace - but it will soon be galloping along with the gusto of a winning thoroughbred.

You may have read a few of my racing comments which detail a review of the H.C.E feature race of the day. These are simply a way of illustrating my 'working thoughts' and they should be taken as an overview rather than a 'bet your shirt on this' selection. In fact, these racing comments are simply posted as a general read and not to be taken as a betting selection. For that reason I always detail 'a watching race' at the bottom of the post as I don't want to confuse the issue.

When a betting selection is given, you will see BET in the title. If you are simply interested in these selections then you can see in an instant whether we have actual bet in this race or whether it is simply a basic race comment. For example, a race comment will look like this (3.45 Newcastle) whereas a betting selection will be detailed as follows: (3.45 Newcastle BET).

I hope that makes things a little easier to understand. Once the season progresses you will notice that most of the postings will actually relate to betting (BET) races. I have been detailing a few race comments as I have to write about something else the blog would stand still. Also, all BET selections will be featured under the label heading BET, so if you want to see how betting selections have fared then you can simply click on this label, on the right-hand side of the blog, and all these will be detailed.


NoseAhead said...

Was a very impressive run from Red Jazz. I'm surprised he doesn't have any immediate group entries.
I also thought that Popmurphy ran a good 1st run in the 4.20 event once the penny dropped. Could be his Group entry in the Timefrom Trophy in 9 days time is worthy of another look.
I'm sure you will keep us all informed Jason ;)

jason said...

Hi NoseAhead,

Yes, I thought Red Jazz looked good today. The first group entries come out in April (Phoenix Stakes Group 1 IRE) and then a number in May and June. I will be updating the group entries in some shape of form on here. I am considering detailing a number of the best group-entered two-year-olds (unraced) in a mailing to all who are interested. I will have to write a posting once a few have been published. They are a very good indicator of ability.

Popmurphy ran well today. I don't usually take much notice of the three-year-olds but this colt looked impressive. I had a quick look to see if it had any group entries at two but it didn't so they must have been keeping it with this year in mind. I am a big fan of Karl Burke so it's good to see him doing well.

leathehat said...

Hey guys great blog, now very much part of my daily reading agenda. waiting with interest for when the season finally kicks off.

Have you chaps had any further thoughts on how we can access your tips if we cant get onto the blog what with work and stuff.

all the best